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Process & Production Efficiency


Merging components & digital
Industry 4.0, Predictive Maintenance & Artificial Intelligence - buzzwords that are everywhere in industry today. Many companies promise all of these, yet few deliver. We decided to change that.
ROSTA HIVE truly delivers on all of these promises by providing you a comprehensive hardware and software package combined with our 8 decades of expertise in managing vibrations - because without understanding, data is meaningless.
HIVE is the new set of digital services offered to you by ROSTA.
It is your industry 4.0 starting point for sifters, screens and any other machinery that vibrates.
HIVE gives you customer defined condition & process monitoring through centralised data visualisation / analysis, and AI enabled anomaly detection.
With HIVE, you can manage your vibration based production processes more efficiently, prevent costly process deviations or stoppages and stabilize and optimize your process efficiency based on historic and live process and equipment data.

Complete Hardware Package

HIVE includes all necessary hardware required to get you started with Industry 4.0, including: sensors, gateways, servers and all necessary accessories.

Condition / Process
Monitoring & Alerting

Using our expertise to generate data models and combining it with Artificial Intelligence gives you predictive maintenance, anomaly detection and error alerts where and when it matters most.

Easy Installation

HIVE is completely plug-and-play. Set up and installation is effortless, saving you time and delivering insights into your assets and processes immediately.

Industry-leading Expertise

With nearly 8 decades of global expertise in managing vibrations, we have the knowledge to tell you WHAT your data means, WHY it’s happening and HOW to react.
No other Industry 4.0 solution does this.
how we do it
ROSTA Element
Vibrating & Oscillating Machinery
Material Conveying & Selection
Condition Monitoring’s biggest challenge is not only to identify changes & errors in the overall equipment performance, but ald to identify the root cause of these.
Our experience as a component manufacturer for vibratory equipment allows us to break these state change indicators down into relevant insights. HIVE is ideally positioned for large / critical assets, such as oscillating & vibratory machinery regardless of the component characteristics.
With HIVE you have 24/7 access to your dashboards providing a holistic yet granular view of condition data and process insights.
Manage your OEE effortlessly: monitor equipment and processes through intuitive software.
Data security & access: anywhere, anytime. data is stored locally. Online connectivity required for additional support.
User Focused: Dashboards display role specific critcal information, while avoiding information overload.
No IT efforts needed: installation & operation of
HIVE is a fully managed solution.
Prevent stoppages: and unplanned maintenance through trend analysis, alerts and AI based predictions*
Flexible solution: packages that meet your requirements & easily integrated into existing systems.
Critical data: HIVE permanently collects and stores relevant asset and process data.
HIVE expert team: available to provide user support and consulting.*

HIVE is your enabler for more efficient production by focusing on equipment availability and process optimisation.

Deliver new and truly meaningful insights & value to your customers.
No investment into your own Industry 4.0 solution needed. HIVE is turn-key.
Gain insights from equipment in the field to offer enhanced service.
Completely managed solution offered by ROSTA
Open architecture - integrate the data into your / your customers existing sytems & integrated 3rd party data sources.
Strengthen & differentiate your customer relationship from others.

Secure & realiable - HIVE is build using modern IT achitecture to provide best service level and keeping your critical process and personal data protected.

a summary

How much is it worth to you...

to know about the current state of your vibration based production process, past anomalies.
working with ROSTA experts on a joint view on data on process optimization and root cause analysis.
...to monitor and manage your production from anywhere, at any time?

ROSTA’s Industry Expertise & Knowledge

With over 75 years of experience in managing vibrations, HIVE offers you something no other Industry 4.0 solution does: understanding & actionable insights based on your collected asset & process data.

The latest technology from the best

We partner with industry leaders in sensor technology, machine-learning and data analysis / visualization, so we can focus on our domain expertise to bring you an intuitive product focused on real production challenges.
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